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Exploring the World of Mineral Commerce

Welcome to Mineralynk! We are a mineral trading company connecting exporters of minerals from Brazil to buyers around the world. With our expertise in logistics, import, and export, we provide efficient and reliable services to help facilitate communication and transactions between buyers and suppliers.

Todo Piedras

Located in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, our shop offers an exquisite collection of minerals and jewelry to suit every taste.

Lando Kameny a Mineraly

Currently showcasing an extensive collection of minerals from Brazil and Argentina at various exhibitions across the Czech Republic.

Lando Solucoes

Premier provider of mineral bases and decorative supports nestled in the southern reaches of Brazil.

See things in action

Watch Me Explore the World of Minerals: A Video Journey Through Exhibitions

Expert Solutions in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain


Wholesale of Raw and Polished Minerals

Catering to both industrial and decorative needs, with products such as raw blocks, plates, powders, polished crystals, and geodes.

Jewellery Supplies: Offering materials for both hobbyists and professional jewellers, including polished and raw stones, faceted for fine jewellery, and precious and semi-precious stones

Personalised Service

I pride myself on offering personalised service, whether it's through in-person assistance, showcasing samples, or conducting meetings in London and Prague. My goal is to ensure that clients receive the highest quality products and the best possible experience.

Product name
Product name

Connect with Me

I invite you to explore our offerings and join me in this journey towards ethical trading and community development. Together, we can make a significant impact and transform lives through our shared passion for minerals.

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